Welcome to Ecommerce Gurus

We have been building and servicing Ecommerce websites since 1996.  Back in the beginning there was no Google.  There were no social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and all the others.  This was early when the internet was in it’s infancy.  There were entrepreneurs and just plain pioneers that saw the internet as the next big opportunity.  As we started to get more and more requests from our clients to be able to accept payments on their websites we knew we needed to work to find the best way to help our clients with their needs.

So we shifted our focus to everything Internet related at that time.  Since then we have helped thousands of website owners, entrepreneurs, churches, and just plain folks trying to sell their stuff on the internet.   We have been very successful doing that  and have added great value to our clients businesses.


Who We Are

To help people sell their products or services on the internet.
Keep it simple and give the client the power to make their own changes.
We promise to keep everything safe and easy for you to use. If you need support we will be here for you.
Any project we take on big or small we will see through to completion.

Our Crazy Skills

Ecommerce 97
Web Design 90
Merchant Accounts 95
Graphic Design 85
WordPress 95